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15T Heavy Duty Container Ramps Added To Rental Fleet
2008 has already been another record year for both sales and rentals of Lantern mobile yard ramps. During the past year several 15T. heavy duty yard ramps have been added to the existing rental fleet of standard 10T. ramps. In today's rapidly changing business climate more and more companies are recognising the advantages that the flexibility of renting equipment provides. Heavy duty yard ramps have traditionally been seen as special items in comparison to the standard 10T ramps which have long proved to be a reliable workhorse for the logistics industry. Customer demand for the heavier ramps has grown steadily over the last few years and the decision to include these larger ramps into the rental fleet has already been extremely popular with customers.


Yard Ramps Defy Recession
Despite the downturn in the economy which is currently affecting almost all business sectors, the use of mobile yard ramps for unloading shipping containers and rear loaded vehicles is booming.

Lantern Engineering the Rotherham based manufacture of mobile yard ramps reports record numbers of both enquiries and sales for the final quarter of 2008. Lantern’s Sales Director Michael Warren says:

“Traditionally November and December are usually our quieter months for sales of yard ramps, but this year we saw massively increased enquiry volumes all through thequarter. This resulted in our best months ever for sales and rentals of yard ramps. Even more encouraging is that this upward trend has also continued into 2009 which has again seen record interest in our range of mobile yard ramps.

We know that a part of this surge in new business has come from existing users that have been dissatisfied with both the poor reliability of some competitors products and also their attitude to customer service if problems do develop. In contrast Lantern Engineering have concentrated on being very customer focussed. We have always been passionate about developing the design of our ramps in response to customer suggestions. Amongst other things we have worked hard to eliminate water traps that can lead to corrosion and to make our ramps the most robust on the market. Our height adjustment mechanism is by simple and reliable mechanically operated landing legs that are similar to those used on truck trailers. Operators are therefore very familiar and comfortable with using this very reliable arrangement.

Somebody once said “that to have other than the best, when the best is to be had at a similar cost, is the wisdom of the unwise“. As the recession bites and businesses seek to maximise efficiency, they can no longer afford not to have the most reliable equipment available and so Lantern are very much benefiting from this increasingly popular philosophy.

Whilst a certain amount of new business has come from existing yard ramp users transferring their allegiances to Lantern, the main increase in activity has been from companies discovering the benefits of yard ramps for the first time. By speeding up the unloading of containers and vehicles, users can dramatically decrease turn-around times and with less staff, thus lowering their costs. Because yard ramps are a relatively low cost tool, they provide incredibly quick payback times. An ever increasing number of businesses are now realising that in the present climate they simply cannot afford to miss out on these savings. The drive to maximise operating efficiency and control costs is thought to be responsible for the unprecedented interest in customers wishing to purchase and/or rent yard ramps during the last 3 months.“


Yard Ramp Exports Increase
Lantern Engineering has seen a rapidly increasing demand for its yard ramps not just from the UK and Ireland, but from the rest of Europe and Asia.

A standard 10T capacity yard ramp has just been delivered to a new client in Dubai. Lantern has a strong record of exporting yard ramps to a number of countries, but the company is particularly pleased to have concluded a second sale to Dubai, an area which is proving to be an important export market.

The order for Dubai was won against stiff competition from a number of yard ramp manufacturers, but it is understood that the buyers decision was finally made on the basis of Lantern’s superior design features and the fact that Lantern ramps are more robust and provide far greater reliability than other less well engineered ramps.

Over the years our policy of continual development has meant we have virtually eliminated water traps that can lead to corrosion, and we have tried hard to make our ramps the most robust on the market. Our height adjustment mechanism is by simple and reliable mechanically operated landing legs that are similar to those used on truck trailers. Operators are therefore particularly comfortable with using this very familiar and reliable arrangement.

We firmly believe that Lantern Engineering manufacture the best yard ramps available and it very satisfying when the market recognises this.”

Unlike some other manufacturers which use 7T capacity ramps, Lantern’s standard yard ramp has a full 10T capacity, making it better suited to heavier loads or for frequent use operations. Lantern also produce heavy duty 15T capacity yard ramps which are considered the benchmark for the recycling and construction industries where only the toughest ramps survive for long. All Lantern yard ramps are provided with a tow bar so that they are mobile and can be quickly and easily moved around using a forklift truck.

The full range of Lantern Engineering yard ramps, including the heavy duty 15T. ramps, are available for outright purchase or for short/long term rental within the U.K.